CSS Bureau started getting involved in business community efforts in 1999, when small businesses could not make it out of the shadow of large companies doing business improperly. 

CSS Bureau has been officially selected by the American people to hold businesses accountable for their actions, and reward them with top referrals to help their business thrive.

One of the penalties for companies refusing to participate in CSS policy is governed by you!
A step higher than the BBB, we want to help businesses build referrals upon their reputation to the American people.

We did over 9 million survey's with people and businesses that wanted to see improvement.

CSS Monthly Company Grades 

We grade companies monthly on

Customer Service - Client Satisfaction 

Resolution -  And Over All

 CSS Records Every Complaint

Via email or audio for records and proof.

We have offered all companies registration.

CSS Places Morals over Money

We do not sell Business grades

or violate the trust of the American people.

All of our registered members use

Customer Care Monitoring  to allow 

your voice and experience to be heard!

CSS Bureau "Tablet Talk".

Every company / business establishment in the country should be happy to hear back from their customers! 

Each company is given a monthly report card.

Positive items are promoted online about the companies; negative remarks weigh in against the star status of the company.

We educate the American public and protect individuals from online scams, and more.

CSS Bureau Of America is not a Company or an Organization, CSS Bureau is a Movement shaped by the American people through way of public survey.


Every Place of business should have our display and tablet to except your referrals or suggestions.