It's high time the caliber of business meets the standards of clients, customers, and investors.

The Better Business Bureau means nothing anymore if the business that wronged the customers can pay to have complaints removed, and then shoot back up to an A+ rating. (What type of regulation is that?)

American companies have had no real regulation and customer referral base, until now.

Now, you may voice your personal experiences and vote to send referrals to the companies you do business with on the spot!

Join CSS Bureau in making our nation and business community a better, more inclusive, and enviable place to live.

  • Refer and vote for the best companies!
  • Reveal problematic companies that may hurt the industries.
    Vote for the American businesses & Entrepreneurs that do business properly.
  • Share positive experiences on social media (leave the reporting to us).


by Example

The True Bureau Of Better Business!
  • Use "Tablet Talk to create referrals or complaints on the spot at every business you visit!
  • Join over 9 million Americans that have supported the idea of building a stronger business economy and referral system.
  • Never be afraid to do business over the phone or on the web again. (if they don't have our logo, it's a no go!)


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